This is a guide on how to fix crashing and freezing in FIFA for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, or PC.

If you’re the owner of a next gen console and FIFA14, chances are you’ve ran in to some problems with freezing and/or crashing. This crashing and freezing is not related to broken consoles, scratched discs or anything of the sort. It’s related to your profile in FIFA14 and it’s easy to fix. Once you make a quick change in your profile you’ll be able to enjoy FIFA14 for Xbox One or PS4 without all the freezing and crashing involved.

Follow these steps:

1) Disconnect from network. (Settings>Network>Disconnect from Network)
2) Start up FIFA.
3) Navigate to ‘Customize’ Tab.
4) Navigate to ‘Settings’
5) Change the referee
6) Back out of ‘Settings’
7) Navigate to ‘Profile’ tab
8) Click on ‘Save Profile’
9) Click ‘Yes’ on pop-up
10) Restart, reconnect, boot up FIFA.

This works every time and will help you resolve freezing and crashing issues on the title and/or menu screens!

If you have any questions post a comment below and/or on YouTube and I will do my best to help you.


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