How to Fix a Scratched or Damaged Disc and Unreadable Disc Error

Having a scratched Xbox disc can be a pain. Whether you’re trying to fix an unreadable disc error, or you just want to find out how to fix disc, has the solution.

What You Need:

– Damaged, scratched, or unreadable disc.
– White Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant
– Toothpaste (Plan – without beads or additional abrasives)

How to Fix a Disc:

How to Fix a Scratched Damaged Disc Unreadable Disc Error

I’ve found a majority of the time the unreadable disc error on an Xbox 360 is indeed due to a scratch or abrasion on a disc that is too deep for the laser to read. This will help fill in the scratches on the disc and allow the laser to continuously read and process the disc.This is the best how to for fixing a damaged, scratched, or otherwise unreadable disc for your Xbox, Playstation, or other gaming console.

Other Ways to Repair Your Disc:

1. You can also find a Family Video that has a disc repair.

Family Video Disc Repair

Family Video and other video rental stores (yes, they still exist) usually have disc repair machines for their own use. Typically they will charge you ~$2 to repair a disc. This is a more advanced process than tooth past and deodorant, but a similar concept. If this cannot repair your disc, nothing will.

2. You can buy a JFJ Easy Pro Video Game Repair Machine

JFJ Easy Pro Video Game Repair Machine

JFJ Easy Pro Video Game Repair Machine

Similar to what you might find at a Family Video, the JFJ Easy Pro Video Game Repair Machine is available on Amazon for $134.99. This is a one stop shop solution for fixing damaged or scratched video games, DVDs, and blu-rays. If you like to keep you discs clean and scratch free, this is your solution.


3. You can use plastic polish as a last ditch effort.

Although not recommended, plastic polish could work in a pinch if you have some lying around the house. Using a clean, 100% cotton cloth, apply plastic polish to the disc in a similar manner as the deodorant and antiperspirant. When dry, buff the disc out with another clean cotton cloth.

Damaging your disc sucks, but fixing your disc doesn’t have to. Let us know if this method worked for you by commenting on the article, or visiting our YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

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