How to Get Free Xbox, Microsoft, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gift Cards

Learn how you can earn free Xbox, Microsoft, and Game Pass Ultimate gift cards by following XboxDIY's in-depth guide.
Written By: Colin @XboxDIY
Published: December 22, 2023
Updated: February 17, 2024
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If you’re wondering if it’s possible to get Free Xbox, Microsoft, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift cards…you’ve come to the right place!

Even though Xbox Game Pass Core (Formerly known as Xbox Live Gold) and Game Pass Ultimate are a relative value given their breadth of offerings, it never hurts to take advantage of any free offer possible to stretch your dollar further…especially if it involves things you’re already doing.

While most might be familiar with Microsoft Rewards as a way to slowly drip their way to free gift cards, there are other avenues to take advantage of that also end up in free loot! XboxDIY will walk you through the process of how you can spend a few extra minutes a day to get free Xbox, Microsoft, and Game Pass Ultimate gift cards for you, your family, or your friends!

Option 1: Sign Up For Microsoft Rewards


Everyone loves to hate on Microsoft Rewards, but why would you not want to add a free, relatively easy way of accumulating rewards points to exchange for free gift cards?

On the surface, Microsoft Rewards might sound basic and not very lucrative, but there are multiple to ways to earn and redeem that can really add up over time!

The first thing that you’ll need to do is sign up for a Microsoft Rewards Account. You can use the same email you use to sign in to Microsoft/Xbox services to keep things easy.

Once you’re signed up and signed in, you’ll be able to see a dashboard with a history of your rewards points, what you’ve redeemed, and ways to collect and redeem rewards points for free Xbox and Microsoft gift cards and other prizes.

Daily tasks that you can complete in the Microsoft Rewards portal include things like:

  • Searching on Bing
  • Installing and using the Rewards Program browser extension
  • Taking polls/completing quizzes/reading quotes

If you do these things regularly, you can build streaks for extra points and rewards.

How to Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points for Gift Cards

You can redeem Microsoft Rewards points in a few different ways. The main ways are:

  • Exchanging points for gift cards and other rewards
  • Exchanging points for entries into sweepstakes or contests

As expected, you have to redeem quite a few points to get anything worthwhile. After all, Microsoft Rewards is a free program that costs nothing to sign up for or participate in.

However, you can leverage your points another way and potentially win some much more valuable and larger prizes.

Entering a Microsoft Rewards Points sweepstakes is a great way to leverage a relatively small amount of rewards points for potentially large rewards. For a relatively low entry fee of 200 reward points (for example), you can enter to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 or a themed Xbox Series X.

You can cash out rewards for various categories including gaming, food, restaurant, theatre, and shopping. You can even use your points for donations towards a charitable cause of your choice.

Although a separate program, the Microsoft Rewards portal also offers a program called Microsoft Cashback. This program offers up to $1000 in cash-back rewards for shopping through Edge and certain stores. Although this is outside the scope of this article it’s yet another opportunity to earn some free cash back for buying things you might already be planning to.

Option 2: Sign Up For Swag Bucks


SwagBucks is one of the most comprehensive rewards sites available. Aside from Xbox and Microsoft gift cards, they offer hundreds of ways to earn and spend rewards (aptly named, SwagBucks).

One of the best things about SwagBucks is the variety of offers available. Not only do they offer the typical surveys but also have some very impressive shopping offers available that deposit large amounts of SwagBucks into your account that you can exchange for Xbox gift cards and other rewards.

For example, signing up to be a Door Dasher and completing your 1st order can result in almost $20 of SwagBucks instantly (plus whatever sign-up bonus DoorDash might be offering!).

Other offers include both cashback and bonus SwagBucks for stores that you’re probably already shopping at (like Best Buy, Amazon, Kohls, and others).

Sign up for SwagBucks to start earning rewards for free Xbox and Microsoft gift cards!

Option 3: Sign Up For Idle-Empire


Idle-Empire is a new-age rewards website that offers a multitude of different ways to earn. Whether it’s surveys, offers, daily tasks, or sharing with friends or family, Idle-Empire is not only easy to use but safe and legitimate. They’ve paid millions to date and offer a clear and easy way to use their site to earn rewards.

Earning free Xbox and Microsoft gift cards is easy when you add Idle-Empire into your daily rewards workflow.

Sign up for Idle-Empire using XboxDIY’s Referral link for a quick 500 Points!

How many free gift cards can I earn every month?

How many free Xbox, Microsoft, or Game Pass Ultimate gift cards you earn is entirely up to how much time you invest into it. While getting free Xbox gift cards isn’t the fastest process in the world, a combination of the efforts above and some due diligence will result in getting at least a few free cards and/or other items every year.

With some more effort and strategy, some people report earning much more (up to $2,000-$3,000/month). Let’s see how they might go about doing this…

How many reward points can I make per month with Microsoft Rewards?

Different users across the web are reporting anywhere from 10,000-15,000 reward points/per month with Microsoft Rewards by following the steps above daily. Some users have reported up to 20,000 reward points/per month by utilizing all the streaks and other bonuses available.

Somebody with much more time than us broke down the details of what someone can expect to earn. As a reminder, this is about a year old and can change at any time based on Microsoft Reward program terms and conditions.

How many reward points can I make per month with Microsoft Rewards by only searching?

I decided to run an experiment for two months to see how many Microsoft reward points I could generate by only using the search functionality and not filling out additional surveys, playing games, or taking polls.

Some people might want to still collect rewards points but don’t want to make it a part of their daily routine or worry about losing any of their Microsoft Rewards streaks. After all, even if you do get a streak, some have complained about it not actually counting or being broken.

From a purely mathematical perspective, if you hit the 3 search limit every day, you’ll get 15 points. After doing 3 searches/day for 6 days, you’ll get a 100-point bonus and a puzzle piece. This gives you 190 points every 6 days. So if you average 30 days per month (I know this isn’t exact), you’ll get 950 Microsoft Rewards Points per month and 5 puzzle pieces by just doing searches.

However, with the current promotion, if you collect 12 puzzle pieces you get a 1000-point Microsoft Reward bonus.

So if you search every day for ~2 1/2 months you’ll collect enough puzzle pieces to get the bonus for a total of around 2900 points.

This means you can hit ~1200 Microsoft Reward Points per month with the current structure by only using the search functionality.

Here’s my point total when I published this article:

Here’s my point total when making updates to this article:

I did use some of the polls and extra bonuses for about a week when first starting and re-exploring Microsoft Rewards, but haven’t actually hit a puzzle piece yet, so these results are fairly accurate in my experience, as someone who searches about 10-15 times daily.

How much can I make per month with SwagBucks?

Users of SwagBucks have reported earning between 5,000SB – 15,000SB every month, which can translate to $50-$150.

Sticking to ‘Discovery’ and ‘Shop’ offers are the best return on time invested, although others have reported the ‘Game’ options also bring in a decent amount of SwagBucks.

How much can I make per month with Idle-Empire?

Idle-Empire is a lesser-used and newer site so there isn’t a ton of information out there at the moment. It looks like users are reporting anywhere from $5-15/month utilizing various services, although it seems to vary based on different reports.

One of the things that’s different about Idle-Empire is they offer some bonuses for ‘idling’ through or joining their Discord server. While the earning potential is lower, the ability to earn passively means you can spend time on other sites like Swagbucks or Microsoft Rewards to earn free gift cards quicker!

If you’re able to combine all of these efforts and remember to do them on a daily basis, you could possibly bank hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards, gear, shopping rewards, or sweepstake entries on a yearly basis. Talk about some serious rewards for a little bit of consistent time and effort!

Do you have any other suggestions for how to get free Xbox, Microsoft, or Game Pass Ultimate gift cards? If so, let us know in the comment section below. We might even add it to our article!

You can also drop us a line on our Contact page or head over to our YouTube Channel for more XboxDIy content! Game on!

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